The guiding principle in management

"Say more, laugh more, we will learn more."

The guiding principle in education

The slogan is “breaking barriers limit, let's move forward"

Getting the word basis, every day, I often tell my staff slogan "Move forward" "now is not enough" "Try to think more carefully than a little bit, how things will be? "," Think more than 3 options, then plan and carry out at the same time, how the results will be? ""a little more collisions it would be better! ". In other words, I want not only think by myself, but also want all my staffs have to think more, that's what I'm teaching them how to break down the barriers that limit they create for themselves.

And, I always put myself in situations that I cannot solve anything.

At first, I thought "impossible!", "absolutely impossible!", but gradually, I overcome that thought little bit by little bit. Now, I have changed and always remind myself that "to develop my own creativity, try to think of possible ways to solve the problems." If advanced level, then the cost will decrease and the quality will be improved. I know that thought has become the pressure on employees in the company, but according to me, I can see the joy in their love, interest in the job.

People say that working in a foreign country is very difficult. Because of different languages, communication may be misunderstood or people do not understand the content of problems. But day by day, I realized that it's not wrong. When I walked forward plucked up courage and tried to convey what I wanted to tell everyone. The first time I realized I could do that I previously unexpected.

By sharing the joy of the staff, what makes me most happy is to see the smile at people.