Tokai Sand Vietnam Co., Ltd has recently celebrated successfully the 10th anniversary of the company foundation. We sincerely show our appreciation and deep gratefulness to valued state agencies, customers, suppliers, partners having come and joined us.
In 2005, we got a plan of applying for investment license to Vietnam in resin coated sand production and business aspect.
After that, on August 4th, 2007, we got the investment license and officially established Tokai Sand Vietnam Co., Ltd as a legal entity.
At first, we hired a part of Vicosimex’s factory in Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam Province to start the resin coated sand production and business.
In 2012, we proceeded to build an independent factory at Tam Hiep Industrial Park, Tam Hiep Ward, Nui Thanh Dist of Chu Lai open economic zone, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam.
At the first investment, we have begun manufacture by semi-automatic machines to meet the demand of product quantity.
At the second investment with full-automatic machines, we met the request of not only the quantity but also the products needing high difficulty of technique.
We have had 10 years experience of reality, which is applying machines having high accuracy into manufacture of products requiring Japan’s high technique.
Step by step, we could manufacture kinds of products requiring high technique to supply valued customers.
We are also begin to produce resin coated sand using artificial sand or recycle sand which is processed and reused from casting sand.
We have been using natural silica sand for resin coated sand’s main material so far, but in the future we will increase more materials as well as manufacture resin coated sand having higher value than now.
We will make efforts together to meet all customers’ demand of products requiring high technique.
We, who are Tokai Sand Vietnam, will be the resin coated sand producer having the highest technique and the best quality in Vietnam.
All Tokai Sand Vietnam’s staffs will be a solidary organization, keep stable manufacture and create products requiring more difficult technique to supply our valued customers.

Yours faithfully,