Plastic coated sand is dedicated in special sand casting industry, used primarily in the mold core and shell mold.

Plastic coated sand is silica sand particles which were coated out by plastic (Phenol), as sand binder capable when casting.

When casting, if there is mold controlled by hand as shaft bushing, plastic will harden depending on the temperature.

In summary, coated sand is a special type of sand used for making molds.
When making molds, in the case of to make the cavity mold, before casting it, right from the start we must use the shell (coated sand) after baking to make the wanted cavity. It will make the surface more beautiful and cut processing costs than outsourcing to castigate after molding.

More specifically, the coated sand was used to make two types, the shell mold and the mold core.

It can be used to cast aluminum, cast iron (FC • FCD), cast stainless steel, cast iron alloy (copper, etc. ..), cast steel etc. ..

Our company has been fine tuning, mixing materials with our technology and we will keep trying until achieving the desired product.